Nada Peratović: I am deeply surprised and disappointed by the “Report on the June 2016 Joint International Mission” and I fear that our family won’t be safe even in Switzerland

Peratović spent almost a full hour explaining to the members of the Mission that the case is connected to his writing about the trial of Josip Perković, former head of the communist secret police in the Socialist Republic of Croatia, who was sentenced on 03 August this year at the Provincial … Continue reading

Confronting with the Past in Croatia – Civil Courage: Peratović intends to seek political asylum in Switzerland in 2016, together with his family

 We shall temporarily leave Croatia but even from the exile I shall continue to struggle for my country to democratically confronts its dark past, in order for it to remain history and to enable citizens of my country to finally start to live in the present and to turn to the future unburdened, he … Continue reading