About us

According to our goals, mission and statute, the feminist and freethought association Center for Civil Courage has decided to intensify its publishing activity by taking over the 45lines.com.portal. Through several years of activism and sharing of experiences Center for Civil Courage has come to the conclusion that the portal should be directed towards the values aimed by the Center. As a portal author, I will continue publishing investigative stories under the slogan: “All you have always wanted to know about media swinging, regarding politics, intelligence service and organized crime”. 45lines.com will from now aim to act as a weekly Center for Civil Courage news portal.

                                                                     Željko Peratović, Author and Editor in Chief

About Center: 

Inspired by the feminist theory and activism, the Center for Civil Courage is actively advocating the elimination of all forms of patriarchal violence, control and discrimination of women and every other person who is not treated equally because of their identity, sexual orientation and intersexual characteristics; including discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, age; or based on cultural or ideological, mental or corporal differences.

The Center for Civil Courage is explicitly opposed to fascism, misogyny, (hetero)sexism, ethnocentrism, militarism, racism, xenophobia, clericalism and it promotes an invigoration of cultural responsibility, a confrontation with the past, a culture of retribution for war crimes, and feminist solidarity with the victims i.e. survivors of all aspects of violence.