How did Ivan Zvonimir Čičak lie about Milan Levar

The basic lie which wrote Čičak in his column about Levar is that the deceased witness of war crimes asked money for testifying. The same lie, one month after Levar’s murder repeated also Zoran Božić in Hrvatsko slovo. 

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With crimes is also acquainted Ivan Zvonimir Čičak, claims Milan Levar in interview for Večernji list. Namely, Čičak knew for combusting of bodies in Sisak’s Ironmonger, for combusting on dumpsite in Zadar, for rides with tank containers of INA, but he has never said that. Not only because he is Tihomir Oresković’s best man, but also because he said that every year President Tuđman signed operations of Čičak and HHO for next year. So, those were concessions to cover up Gospić, Levar concluded.

Andrea Latinovic & Marija Pulic amd Vjesnik, 11th April 2000


On these claims of Milan Levar, Ivan Zvonimir Čičak reacted in column which was published for him by Nacional:


Already the next day of «Oluja» I published the article in which I warned that result of it shouldn’t be ethnic cleansing. Several days later, after Gospić’s crime, I have published the article under title «Where are Gospić’s Serbs disappearing», and further informations about Gospić I was delivering personally to ICTY’s investigators.

A training field of democracy

written by Ivan Zvonimir Čičak


Ivan Zvonimir Čičak and Tihomir Oresković are connected by fugitive from Croatian Justice Zdravko Mamić


It is very interesting that exactly on Monday, 10th April, in the publication of action Kameleon, in Vecernji list appeared text about Gospic, where in the main role was Mr Levar. There was a little coincidence that the same thesis about me, which he gave in Vecernji, brought out last Friday by Vjeko Magaš*, as if they arranged it or as if somebody synchronised their statements.

Levar, and also Magaš, call me by name that I knew for Gospić’s crime, but I didn’t do anything, bringing that in connection with best man’s relationships with Tihomir Orešković. I would like to remind Levar that I am the first man in Croatia, that is in Slobodna Dalmacija, several days after Gospić’s crime, have published the text under title Where are Gospic’s Serbs disappearing. In that time Levar was together with Orešković and those whom he is accusing today for war crimes.

Money for testifying

Concerning further informations about Gospic, I personally gave them, like did other activists of HHO (Croatian Helsinki Committee), to ICTY’s investigators, but about that, of course, we weren’t informing Levar. He personally knows that I talked with investigators when they were in Zagreb.

But I couldn’t make possible to Levar and some of his friends, to get money for their testifying, and what they were asking for. Namely, if anybody, in any way, indemnify any of witnesses, he would stop to be a relevant witness in ICTY.

Sisak’s ironmonger

Concerning Gospić itself and Levar’s role, we have to ask ourselves how on Saturday in Gospić came ICTY’s investigators, what was published in newspapers from Tuesday, and that Mr Levar on Monday, through publication of action «Kameleon», Večernji, attracted medias’ attention on Gospić.

With Mrs Carla Del Ponte, and other representative of Tribunal, I talked about danger which could threat to any investigation, if in any way is made media’s pomp around some actions. First of all, Croatia is still wounded from crimes which was done to Croats and by instrumentalization is possible to move grumblers to organise protests and try to block investigations of Haag’s tribunal. Such yoghurt revolutions we have seen before during first arrival of Carla Del Ponte, or during pronouncement of sentence to Blaškić.

Milan Levar as security of Franjo Tuđman in Gospić 17. 11. 1991. With Tudjman are former heads of the communist secret police Mišo Deverić and Josip Perković. Deverić is in Germany suspected of liquidations of the communist police, and Perković sentenced to life imprisonment in Munich for the murder of a political emigrant Stjepan Đureković.  Levar was not in Oresković’s team because Orešković was then removed from Tuđman’s vicinity after Levar and his team reported to Zagreb that he had prepared an assassination attempt on the Croatian president.

Levar called me by name in Vecernji, claiming that I knew for combusting of bodies in Sisak’s ironmonger, for combusting on dumpsite in Zadar, for rides of tank containers of Ina, but that I have never said that to anyone. How can he know to whom I have told and what we did connected to that matter?

He and Magas are saying the same things. Concerning Sisak’s ironmonger, there is a story that Croatian governments after action Bljesak there were combusting bodies of Serbs massacred in actions of Croatian aviation’s, that was in sacks, by special convoy, transported to Sisak and combusted. Unfortunately, that information was not possible to be confirmed, and we are not telling baby- stories.

Public is familiar that in HHO was done an investigation, much more expansive than this detail, about happenings on area of Sisak since 1991. till today. Relevant evidences

Relevant evidence

Concerning supposed combusting of bodies on Zadar’s dumpsite, that information is not accurate, our activists were on the field and tried to carry out detailed investigation about that, there is also documents about that. Also, there is documentation, special reports, about some unusual events on Zadar’s graveyard. All that is very neatly photo documented, and that documents, in presence of colleague Prodanović, I gave where I supposed to give.

So, Mr Levar shouldn’t put himself in judge’s place, but also not as a public squealer, who would denunciate work of HHO and me personally. And to information that Tudjman every year signed operations of HHO and me personally, I don’t want to comment, because it is not only nonsense, but more than that.

But it is obvious that both Mr Levar and Magaš have some relevant evidences and facts about mass crimes.

Levar goes so far that he directly accuses Norac for serious war crimes, murders of Serb civilians and mining of houses.

I wonder how come that not Levar nor Magaš, after democratic elections, with their information’s, didn’t go where citizens of this country should and had to go, and that is Ministry of police or at least State prosecutor’s office. So, in this way I ask from Minister Lučin and State attorney Živković to start actions for collecting facts connected with public statements of Magaš and Levar, and in accordance with information’s taken from them, start adequate measures.


Nacional, 12th April 2000



*Vjeko Magas, longtime coworker of Ivan Zvonimir Cicak, at first in HSS (Croatian Peasant Party), and than in HHO. Fired from HHO under pressure of Ivan Zvonimir Čičak. Leads a work process with HHO. In that process lawyer of HHO is Veljko Miljevic, who is at the same time a member of chairmanship of that organisation. (p.s. Ž.P.)



The basic lie which wrote Čičak in his column about Levar is that the deceased witness of war crimes asked money for testifying. The same lie, one month after Levar’s murder repeated also Zoran Božić in Hrvatsko slovo.

 Levar never asked money from me for testifying, and he also never asked from HHO, affirmed Vesna Levar and also Zdenko Ropac, who was with Levar in HHO in 1996. asking from Čičak to take steps about Gospić story and witnesses who were already at that time jeopardized. But, unsuccessfulness!

HHO was getting then big financial help from Georg Soros, and philanthropist from USA sent concrete remark to Čicak about the way the money was spending. For that reasons, probably, Georg Soros, during his recent visit to Croatia, with not a single word didn’t mention, and much less praise Ivan Zvonimir Čičak.

The truth is that Ivan Zvonimir Čičak wrote the first text about war crimes in Gospić. But that text is more principled, it doesn’t mention any executioners, especially not Čicak’s best man Tihomir Orešković.

Čičak suggests that Levar was also participating in war crimes: At that time Levar was together with Orešković and those whom he is accusing today for war crimes.

At that time Zdenko BandoZdenko Ropac and Milan Levar were already jeopardized from Orešković and Norac, because Bando i Ropac testifyed at Zdravko Mustač, secretary of Manolić’s Office for protection of constitutional order, and Levar was in everything Gospic’s logistics. Mustač referred them to Josip Perković, Assistant Secretary of Defense Gojko Šušak. In the office of Josip Perković, they met people from Gospić who demanded that Orešković and Norac be released from custody. Bando and Ropac answered Levar by phone from Duga Resa, where they paused on their return. Levar told them that everyone interested in Gospić knew everything they told Perković. That the information had returned to Gospić before them.

About that Milan Levar participated in war crimes I didn’t find and information even on Serbian side. If that was the truth, as Čičak said, with that informations, if not sooner in public, but surely during the trial, would come out Tihomir Orešković and Mirko Norac. Who knows what kind of reports about Gospic war crimes Čičak was giving to ICTY’s investigators, when he wonders that Levar goes so far and directly accuses Norac for serious war crimes, murdering of Serb civilians and mining houses?

The verdict to Tihomir Orešković and Mirko Norac in Rijeka confirmed Levar’s accusations, if we talk about 1991. The trial for crimes in Medački džep (Medak Pocket), probably will be held in Haag, and than Čičak will be able to see whether Levar’s accusations about Norac will be confirmed.

P.S. Čičak’s slander against Milan Levar appeared earlier in articles by Jasna Babić, deceased, award-winning journalist.

And so the picture of Tihomir Oreškovic changed radically. But it would have changed without Levar, Bando and Ropac. She would have changed even if the three did not call him a war criminal. Although their qualifications on Orešković have significantly lost their credibility since it was revealed that they are even publicly bargaining with The Hague prosecutors. Simple: times have changed and myths have faded away in a collision with reality.

And actual biography of Tihomir Orešković contains less and more than a legend. First of all, even without Levar, Bando, and Ropac, one would have realized that there were sequences in it that were not composed of the courage and ordinary human conformism.

Jasna Babic in Nacional (3): Oreskovic is a Demystified Hero, Jasna Babic analyzes the biography of Tihomir Oreskovic, Nacional, February 18, 1998.


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