The Croatian State Attorney’s Office has approved new indictments by Germany against Perković and Mustač

Interestingly, the Croatian Press Agency has not published a line on the troubled past of State Secretary Zdravka Bušić. She, I suppose, believes that it is not yet time to recognise the parental status Zdravka’s Bušić for Croatian homeland, as the Croatian Press Agency often does in the case of Perković and Mustač.


Josip Perković and Zdravko Mustač are same-sex parental couple of Croatian homeland. HINA (Croatian Press Agency) very often, without any special reason, announces long news about violations of human rights to Perković and Mustač by various courts. So on Saturday she published the title: “Mustač Sues Croatia was at ECHR over Extradition to Germany”.

As Yugoslav-era Croatian intelligence agents Josip Perković and Zdravko Mustač await transfer to a Croatian prison from Germany, which convicted them for participating in the assassination of Croatian dissident Stjepan Đureković, Mustač’s defense has sued Croatia at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) over his extradition to Germany on a European arrest warrant they claim should not have been executed in April 2014 because of the statute of limitations.

Croatian Press Agency, ZAGREB, April 13, 2019 

And when it comes to Zdravko Mustač, he said to judge Manfred Dauster, which sentenced him to life imprisonment, that the trial was fair. Mustač said this because would probably return to Croatia as soon as possible without any lawyer’s maneuvers.

Combination of two pictures show defendants Zdravko Mustač (L) and Josip Perković, former members of the Yugoslav secret service in Munich courtroom August 3, 2016. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

In August 2016, a Munich court sentenced Perković and Mustač to life, finding them responsible for the Đureković murder near Munich in 1983. The perpetrators remain unknown.

The Zagreb County Court has modified Perković’s sentence into a 30-year sentence he is to serve in a Croatian prison. Mustač is still waiting for the Velika Gorica County Court to modify his German sentence.

The modification is required for the two to return to Croatian prisons as they were extradited to Germany on the condition that, after being convicted, they would serve their sentences in Croatia.

Perković’s attorney Anto Nobilo says he doesn’t know when they will return to Croatia, although at the end of last year one could have concluded that this would happen in January.

Late last year, Perković and Mustač sued Germany at the ECHR, alleging that the Munich court did not give them a fair trial. Their lawyers believe that, based on this suit, the ECHR might quash the German ruling against them.

Croatian Press Agency, ZAGREB, April 13, 2019 

Always in the news of the Croatian Press Agency, the defenders of the spies say that two of them after the final verdict in Germany had to be extradited to Croatia to serve the sentence. Nobilo repeatedly complained that the German authorities had not sent sentences in Croatia, so Croatian courts could not translate them into the Croatian legal system. Thus, according to Nobilo, the German authorities prevent the return of Mustač and Perković to Croatia. Then Perković’s defense puts news in the media that German judicial authorities not only dont return Perković to Croatia, but not allow him to testify via video link from Germany as a witness to defense of an Austrian citizen Georg Gavrilović, accused in Zagreb of war profiteering.

No one from the Croatian news agency has don’t asked to Nobilo whether it is possible that all of this is happening because in the decisions of the Croatian courts on the extradition of Perković and Mustač, from 2014, it was also possible to launch new investigations and raise new indictments if the German judiciary was granted permission of the Republic of Croatia, in this case of the State Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia. This is what exactly happened when the new Main State Attorney became Dražen Jelenić.

The former Main State Attorneys Mladen Bajić and Dinko Cvitan have opposed the extradition of the accused to Germany, and subsequently obstructed cooperation with the German judiciary during the trial. Dinko Cvitan refused to give consent to the German federal prosecution to launch new investigations against Perkovic and Mustač. For his loyalty to the convicted chiefs of the Yugoslav secret service, Cvitan received the acknowledgement in Zagreb, at the promotion of Nobilo’s book about trial in Munchen, to which he came as an active deputy to the Main State Attorney.

The restaurant was once known as the “Zum neuen Wirt” at the entrance to Unterthürheim, 30 kilometers from Augsburg, where the killers of Đuro Zagajski and Stjepan Đureković tried to kill Luka Kraljević in December 1983.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković supported Dražen Jelenić as the new Main State Attorney. This opened up the possibility for the Germans to raise new indictments for Josip Perković and Zdravko Mustač in the case of the murder of Đuro Zagajski (March 1983) and the attempted murder of Luka Kraljević (December 1983).

Croatian television, which is under Plenković control more than the Croatian Press Agency, announced on March 27rd in the central diary a report titled: The Bavarians are investigating the murder of Đuro Zagajski. Plenković is otherwise under pressure from the Croatian Journalists’ Association and international journalist organisations for the control of Croatian Television. So a report on the murder of Đuro Zagajski on Croatian Television could not possibly pass without his permission.

On the other hand, Perkovic’s and Mustac’s network in the intelligence services of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are triggering affairs in BiH and Slovenia, and Plenković ignores this. Recently, a former SOA officer and a diplomat in Iran, Đani Trošelj, inquired of me, suspecting me that I to coordinate Slovenian and Bosnian media in the revelation dirty spying job, Chief of Cabinet of SOA (Security-Intelligence Agency) Director, Davor Franić. In December 1998, Đani Trošelj served as HIS (Croatian Intelligence Service) officer in the secret insurance of Josip Perković, then adviser to HIS Director Miroslav Šeparović, when Perković was threatened me with a gun three times at a meeting at the Plitvice motel.

According to the former agent SZUP (Service for the Protection of Constitutional Order) and disabled war veteran Tomislav Jelić, Davor Franić, the central character of the current dirty spy operations, was employed in the secret service from the side the son of Josip Perković, Saša, later National Security Advisor of President Stjepan Mesić and Ivo Josipović.

Zdravka Bušić Logarušić (left), father Ivan Tolj and Mercedes Škegro.

Prime Minister Plenković does not respond to the photographs of state secretary to the Foreign Ministry, Zdravka Bušić, from the 1977 terrorist exercises. He denies that father Ivan Tolj, negotiated on behalf of the Croatian Government that Slovenian POP television censoring a report about Davor Franić.

Zdravka Bušić is now perhaps the greatest obstacle to Prime Minister Plenković regarding the new charges from Germany to Udba murders. For days I waiting for a response to the question which I sent her via email, is she in a conflict of interest as a Secretary of State who often visited Germany, and at the same time she is in the friendship and family ties with Tihomir Oresković, suspected of murders in Bavaria and in the common-law marriage with Tomislav Mičić, suspected of murders in Hessen.

Interestingly, the Croatian Press Agency has not published a line on the troubled past of State Secretary Zdravka Bušić. She, I suppose, believes that it is not yet time to recognise the parental status Zdravka’s Bušić for Croatian homeland, as the Croatian Press Agency often does in the case of Perković and Mustač.



Croatian Court Reduces Yugoslav Spy Chief’s Murder Sentence

A Croatian court reduced the life sentence given by a German court to former Yugoslav State Security Service official Zdravko Mustac, convicted of abetting the murder of a Croatian émigré in 1983, to 40 years in prison.

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