This country is the product of intelligence service Udba and Catholic Church

Host Aleksandar Stankovic and his guest Zeljko Peratovic. In the background is a war photos of Josip Perkovic.

Here’s how the three portals saw my guest appearance in Croatian prime-time television show Sunday at Two (Nedjeljom u 2).

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This country is the product of intelligence service Udba and Catholic Church

The guest of the HTV (Croatian television) program “Sunday at Two” was investigative reporter Zeljko Peratovic. He spoke about not revealed details regarding Perkovic case, influence of intelligence service on societal development and whether the investigative journalism is a highly risky venture. Peratovic said he was relived for Perkovic’s imprisonment in a foreign country.

“I have no cramps in my stomach any more in anticipation to meet Perkovic somewhere in the city. I am relieved”, Peratovic said and added that Perkovic represented him and his carrier existential threat. “He was surrounded by the war profiteers involved in the INA case and weaponry import”, Peratovic maintains.

“His son, Sasa Perkovic was immediately in conflict of interest as he was appointed as President Josipovic’s counselor. Of course, the child should be not responsible for the father’s actions; however, it is unacceptable that the son is getting confidential information by his father”, Peratovic said and added that the staff surrounding Ivo Josipovic was disappointed when the President elected Sasa Perkovic as an advisor”.

It is a canning step by HDZ to step away from this. I was in good relationship with some of the circles surrounding Zoran Milanovic and I suggested there was an extradition request for Perkovic which they should not neglect and get in trouble because of it. I did communicate to Igor Dragovan, Sime Lucin, and Zinka Bardic what was going to happen with the arrest warrant; however, they said it would not be like that, Peratovic said.

“Perkovic threatened me. When Pejic introduced me to him in a restaurant, he ponted a gun towards meand said: I can kill you, and if you stop writing about me, I could be your ‘gold hen”, Perkovic threatened me. I instinctively grabbed the ashtray and said this was a threat, and he replied he could get only two years probation”, Peratovic said in the TV program “Sunday at Two”.

Peratovic spoke about the head of HDZ, Tomislav Karamarko.

“I do not believe that he will be much longer the head of the political party HDZ. He is not in favor of European People’s Party”, Peratovic stated.

One of the topics was Catholic Church.

“This country is the product of Udba (intelligence) and Catholic Church. For some believers it is more than enough what they are fed by the Opus Dei and Kaptol. I am an advocate for not paying the Church, but to introduce taxes as in other countries, that people are paying to the church they belong to or to pay to some other humanitarian organization”. Let the Church get as much as its followers are paying to contribute to its cause. President’s advisor Stijepo Bartulica said he was follower of Opus Dei and President Josipovic claimed he was an agnostic”, told Peratovic.

He said he will not be engaged in the investigative reporting but he is interested in publishing books with the same subject.


[box], 26. 01. 2014.
Peratovic: It is unimaginable, out of mind that the young Perkovic was an advisor to the President receiving information from his father.


Today’s guest at “Sunday at two” was free lancer Zeljko Peratovic who spoke about his work and about Perkovic case which he was involved with for a long time..

He spoke about the media response regarding Perkovic case criticizing the actions of the executive government. Although, there is a positive side to it. “If the lex Perkovic did not exist and government instistance to protect him, many people would never know who Perkovic was and our media would not write about it. What I have done would never be accessible to the broad population”, he said.

He said that Perkovic’s son Sasa should have never been an advisory to the President, neither Mesic nor Josipovic. Of course, Sasa Perkovic is not responsible for his father’s activities, but his father is a national problem and it is out of any reasoning that the son gets the information on intelligence by his father, Peratovic said and reminded that father and the son were in good relationship at all times. He also stated that Milanovic’s attempt to protect Perkovic was influenced by president Josipovic whose advisor was the young Perkovic

Perkovic told me he could kill me or he could be my gold hen for information

Peratovic emphasized that Josip Perkovic shoed him a gun telling him that if he continued to write about him, he could kill him or be a gold hen to him who will communicate intelligence secrets to him. “ I have instinctively grabbed an ashtray and told him these were threats and he responded that he could be on probation for maximum of two years for such activity. “ I have perceived Perkovic as someone who is indefinitely in my life and threat to my carrier. I am not happy or hilarious regarding Perkovic’s apprehension; however, I feel at ease now that he is extradited”, he said and added that behind all this case there is a war profiteering machinery connected to Ina case, privatization and weapon import. “To them, this was a perfect cover up not to disclose what was really happening”, he said.

It is interesting, he emphasized that premier Milanovic was influenced by president Josipovic to protect Perkovic. “He inherited young Perkovic from former president Mesic, and young Perkovic unlawfully assisted him in his campaign”, Peratovic said.

“I expected resistance from HDZ since Perkovic was connected with Seks, Glavas. It is a cunning move by HDZ to estrange from this issue. I was in good relationship with some of the circles surrounding Milanovic and I said advised them that European extradition request was warranted. I communicated the same to Dragovan, Lucin and Zinka Bardic and they responded that this would not be the case” he said and agreed with the host of the program who reminded him on the Zoran Milanovic’s statement that this issue should be dealt with Miroslav Tudjman and Tomislav Karamarko. Peratovic added another person to be questioned and this was the statutory judge and former chief of HIS, Miroslav Separovic. To the question what he thinks who killed Stjepan Djurekovic, he said he was further convinced the executor was the Arkan group. “German court will be dilling with this again”

“Executive power was directly influencing Bajic on Perkovic case”

He criticized the role of the head of state attorney Mladen Bajic who allowed the executive power to directly have influence on him. He said that the chief state attorney did not represent Germany, which he should have, but to the interest of Croatian government and he would be incriminated for by Viviane Redding. “It is very clear that he did it under the influence of Croatian government. This will bring him success in Croatia, but criticism from the outside”, he added.

Peratovic spoke on death of Milan Levar who was killed with a bomb in Gospic after he had voluntarily testified at Hague tribunal about Croatian massacre of the Serbs whose executors were never processed or found..

Peratovic also stated that general Ante Gotovina was ready to surrender voluntarily conditioned this would be done abroad. Peratovic reminded about dramatic apprehansions of Karadzic and Mladic., while Gotovina apprehension had a romantic character. As he sated, this was agreement with the Hague tribunal collaborated by the attorney general Mladen Bajic and Tomislav Karamarko, then the chef of Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA or Serbian BIA) ..

“ This country is product of Udba (intelligence) and Catholic church”

He spoke about influence of Catholic church and said that Croatia is a product of Udba and Catholic church. “Some believers find it enough to be served with Opus Dei and Kaptol. I am advocating for church not to be paid but the taxes should be introduced as in other countries, that people should pay to the congregation they belong to or to some humanitarian cause. Let church gets so much as it s followers are contributing. President’s advisor Stijepo Bartulica said he is follower of Opus Dei and Josipovic said he was agnostic”, Peratovic claimed..

Peratovic stated he was threatened on many occasions, he was arrested, but the worst that happened to him was the charge for sexual molestation of his five year daughter at the time. DORH (State Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia) dismissed the charge, but his reputation was damaged and the entire family went to Switzerland to recuperate.




SEEbiz, 26.01.2014. – 15:13:07

ZAGREB – Free lancer Zeljko Peratovic stated in the TV program Nedjeljom u 2 (Sunday at 2) that his interest for intelligence subject had wchich he determined anomalies happening at the filed. initiated at the beginning of the last war after

– If there were no Lex Perkovic and Milanovic’s attempt to protect him, many people would not even know who Perkovic was. I am fed up already with this subject, but am liberated from cramps in my abdomen that I may meet Perkovic in the city. He is now in a different country and I should be happy. I am not happy, but I am more at ease. Behind all this story are war profiteering circles responsible for criminal privatization”, Peratovic maintains.
– Josipovic is behind entire story, he maintains.

– Sasa Perkovic is since 2005 in the conflict of interest. If his father is accused for murder, he could not be an advisory to the President for intelligence issues. This is unacceptable, Peratovic clearly stated.

The son of Josip Perkovic could not get information from the intelligence service about their knowledge on his father, he added.

– I have no idea what Ivo Josipovic owes to Perkovic, but I do know that circles surrounding Josipovic were very disappointed when he (Josipovic) took Perkovic for the advisor, he said.

– Vanja Spiljak is associated with businessman Goran Strok. Milanovic has never said he was not befriending Goran Strok.

– Nobilo was first claiming that the law was amended for the purpose of the defense counsel and this argument was accepted by Milanovic. By this we can clearly notice their coordination – defence of Perkovic, Milanovic and Josipovic, he maintains.

– I expected that HDZ would oppose extradition of Perkovic since he was connected to Seks and Glavas. HDZ is cunningly performing. I am not responsible, I kept telling the circles surrounding Milanovic in 2012 regarding European Arrest Warrant and that Germany would present this issue. I do not know what Milanovic is thinking, Peratovic wonders.

State attorney Mladen Bajic did not represent Germany as it was his duty but instead, he presented his thesis about statute of limitation.

– He will be under surveylance of Vivane Reding, it is certain. Bajic has been after me for 5 years because of divulging state secrets, 3 years was the term for statute of limitation and he prolonged it. It is clear that he was under influence of Croatian government.

– Gotovina was hiding in Croatia, maintains Peratovic.
– He wanted to surrender; however, his condition was this should be done outside Croatia. This was agreement between Gotovina and the ICTY prosecutor through Bajic and Karamarko, Peratovic maintains

Djurekovic was murdered by the Arkan group, he presumes. This was done by parallel line of command.

– Mika Spiljak misused his authority by influencing Jure Bilic and Marijan Cvetkovic and Pavle Gazi was removed as a consequence.

– I believe Gazi’s statements; he agreed with Dolanc and then German minister Zimmerman that Djurekovic come to Croatia to testify about partisan generals’ sons in INA case.

– Perkovic threatened me by showing me his gun three times and said he could kill me, but he could also be of golden value as my informer. If he had not threatened me, this topic would have not been so much of my interest. He wanted to fascinate me by the fact he could liquidate me. I did never want to write about this but former editor of Globus, Djurdjica Klancir convinced me to write this, he said

The major stamblig block in solving murder of Milan Levar is Tomislav Karamarko and Mladen Bajic, Peratovic maintains.

– Bajic promised Levar’s wife that the case would be transferred from Gospic to Zagreb, but this was never done, Peratovic said.

– I won twice court motions against Tomislav Karamarko, he discloses.

– Karamarko tried to reconcile with me, but he is avoiding me now. I do not fill pressure from him, Peratovic said.

– I do not believe Karamarko would be the head of HDZ much longer. He will be eliminated by European People’s Party, I hope. They do not want extremism in which Karamarko is engaged big time, he adds.

– I know that Catholic church was collaborating with Mika Spiljak and UDBA, although I do not want to expand this story, he said.

– The right wing politicians are ignoring me in context of my fight for secular society, he says.

We will ask for dissolving the agreement with Vatikan by referendum, he claims. I am financed by my wife’s Swiss pension. Here and there I have some sponsors, but I am frustrated because I cannot live from the products of my work, Peratovic concludes.


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