Blackmailed, blackmailer, Mladen Bajić

Everybody who find themselves in Bajić’s way are either alcoholics or drug addicts, that is, domestic violators or forgerers’, he estimated. As an example he stated the case of the reporter Željko Peratović who published some documents held by the military police in Šibenik and has since been constantly exposed to pressure from the institutions and the press. The documents, revealing the connection between Bajić and the Lora case, have been proclaimed a forgery…

Published on Croatian : 13 December 2011

In the last few days the independent web sites and a part of the Croatian television news programs were focused on involuntary psychiatric evaluation of Tonči Majić, a human rights activist from Split. Majić has been working on cases of prisoner killing and abuse at the Military Investigation Center Lora in Split for almost twenty years. In the last few years he started naming the State Attorney Mladen Bajić as the one partly responsible for all the inhumanities that had happened in that place. It is therefore not surprising that the mainstream media, always on the side of those in power, have not paid much attention to Majić’s case.

You can read more about how Majić got to be taken from Split to Zagreb in a police van by the court order of the County Court in Zagreb via the links you get if you search the Index web pages for the phrase “articles containing the words Tonči Majić “.

It was only when Bajić attacked Index and Majić that the conclusions were reached as those that I have made long ago and about which I have been giving evidence for years now and that have cost my family some heavy harassment, which we managed to only briefly avoid by moving to Switzerland for six months: the regime in Croatia functions on the principle that everybody has everybody else by the balls. Those who do not allow to be had by the testicles are declared lunatics, marginal figures, rapists, pedophiles, drug traffickers, junkies, forgetters, blackmailers, murderers to be charged…

Here is an example cited by Index and Tonči Majić:

Bajić attempts to discredit everybody who stands in his way

‘Everybody who find themselves in Bajić’s way are either alcoholics or drug addicts, that is, domestic violators or forgerers’, he estimated. As an example he stated the case of the reporter Željko Peratović who published some documents held by the military police in Šibenik and has since been constantly exposed to pressure from the institutions and the press. The documents, revealing the connection between Bajić and the Lora case, have been proclaimed a forgery…

Bajić showing the documents in informal conversations

People who were present when Bajić was showing Majić’s personal medical records were shocked to see him do that, considering that Bajić as a State Attorney himself discredited the man who openly criticized him.

However, Majić has never given up. Bajić therefore decided to use the letters which the activist was sending to Ivo Josipović with a torn Croatian flag. In July this year, allegedly at Bajić’s own initiative, the District Attorney’s Office in Zagreb received a request to open an investigation into harming of the dignity of the Croatian flag. The investigation started in September, which was when the psychiatric evaluation was requested.

This is how Bajić achieves his goals – by defamation because of which everybody who listens to Majić will have in mind his mental condition on every occasion when he speaks in public about the Lora case.

Bajić Josipović Lora

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Croatia’s EU membership (30.06.2014), Croatian President Ivo Josipović organized events in Pantovčak. The series began with the awarding ceremony – The Order of Prince Branimir with the necklace honored former Attorney General Mladen Bajić for his many years of merit gained by promoting the international standing and reputation of the Republic of Croatia in the areas of justice and the fight against corruption.

  Mario Barišić, the main witness in the case Lora 1, which was instituted by Mladen Bajić as a District Attorney in Split, was another person whom they wanted to discredit as a mentally unstable, so even Večernji list published his medical record commented on by a ‘distinguished’ psychiatrist and the Head of the asylum in Vrapče, Dr Vlado Jukić. This same Barišić, who was the Chief of Military Police in Šibenik during the war, cooperated with the then deputies to the Military Prosecutor: Željko Žganjer in Šibenik and Mladen Bajić in Split. When during the investigation procedure he refused to incriminate the self-accused for a direct involvement in the crime, and instead spoke of the organizers and their bosses – the notorious members of SIS (Security and Intelligence System) Tvrtko PašalićNikola KrištoAntonio Lekić and the former Assistant Minister of Defence for security Josip Perković – his statement, given to the investigating judge Marko Brdar at the hearing where Mladen Bajić was a prosecutor appeared in the press on the following day, signed by the names that have long flourished on the information procured by Bajić. Barišić was even more harshly defamed in the media and his family suffered unimaginable threats, both via telephone calls and in public.

Pero Jurišin, an essayist for the Lora case in Slobodna Dalmacija, published a partial transcript of the conversation that took place at Pantovčak in 1993 after Barišić visited Tuđman. Barišić informed Tuđman’s advisors in great detail about the crimes perpetrated by the military police and the military counter-intelligence (both under the command of Josip Perković and Minister Gojko Šušak) and the transcript reveals a question put to Minister Šušak ‘What is to be done with this Barišić?’, to which he replies ‘He should be eliminated’. Željko Bagić, the former security advisor to President Mesić, confirmed that precisely this transcript was sent to the District Attorney’s Office in Šibenik. Mladen Bajić thus had the key evidence that Mario Barišić as a military professional had done everything to prevent further crimes and had informed the military headquarter itself about the actions of their subordinates, but this resulted in the Minister of Defense actually giving an order for his elimination. Mladen Bajić has become the State Attorney precisely because of the institution of the Lora case, but he made sure to remove from this game all those whom he could not keep under his control, and that was primarily Mario Barišić.

Bajić Lekić Drviš Pašalić

Pater Vjekoslav Lasić interviews the participants of the action in which Miro Barešić was killed. From left to right: Ivan Drviš, Antonio Lekić and Tvrtko Pašalić.

Two years ago Mario Barišić and Tonči Majić publicly spoke about Bajić’s covering up of the crimes at Lora during the time he had been a military prosecutor there. A year ago the publicists Darko Petričić and Domagoj Margetić initiated a number of international reports against Bajić for the same crimes. Following these actions DORH stated that the reports contain falsified evidence by people who at the time expected to be subjected to the investigation for the involvement in war crimes. Of course, Mladen Bajić alluded to Mario Barišić. I expected Barišić would soon be arrested. From a former friend and comrade of Barišić who changed from being a critic of Mladen Bajić, whom he blamed for disabling him to get an asylum in Norway since Bajić wrote to the authorities there to say that he had never given evidence on war crimes and that his life was not threatened in Croatia, to being a person who goes quiet at the very mention of the State Attorney’s name, I even heard that one of the accused for the tortures in military prison Kuline will charge Barišić for having abused the prisoners together, wearing white overcoats which were covered in blood after the ‘check-ups’ they performed. A slander of this type, as you may guess, could only be invented by Mladen Bajić.

In the meantime, after several years of legal travails against Mladen Bajić over the issue of the right to access information – the information he personally gave to Bajić as evidence of war crimes and which Bajić has not acted upon to this day – a former Croatian Army officer Ivica Bačić gave an interview for my internet blog accusing Bajić to have acted as a source of information for Ivica Marijačić (first for the weekly magazine Fokus and then for Hrvatski list) which reveal Bačić acting as a spy for Savo Štrbac, procuring information aimed against Croatian soldiers from Belgrade to DORH. Although I warned him that my phones were tapped, in numerous phone conversations Bačić told me that he had a wealth of documented evidence against Bajić, who was responsible for the things that had happened to Bačić and his family: he was dishonorably discharged from the army, he was punished for perpetrating acts of family violence and forbidden to see his daughters. It wasn’t long before the police knocked on his door in Split three months ago, with a court order from the investigation judge Slavko Lozina, who was only executing the request of Split Attorney’s Office who in turn acted on Bajić’s orders, and took away all his documentation and his personal computer. Nothing has been returned to him yet, his possessions are still being held at DORH in Split, nor has the judge received a criminal charge against Bačić as a foreign spy gathering data on important officers of the state, as the search warrant had claimed.

The other day I asked one person who works in a nongovernment sector, and whom Bačić helped protect the rights of a former police officer in Split who was unfoundedly charged for prisoner abuse in the notorious Manjača prison, whether he asked Bajić to help Bačić and he said:‘Certainly, I asked him on several occasions to help Bačić, but he would always try to persuade me that Ivica was a rapist and said that he did not want to discredit himself by helping that kind of person’.

It appears that a slander of inappropriate witnesses is Bajić’s main modus operandi. However, he also acts like that against those whom he didn’t know in person and who have already died. I have thus heard from Danijel Ivin, one of the founders of HHO (Croatian Helsinki Committee), how he asked one of the former presidents of the HHO who used to be a friend of Bajić, to find out something about the murder case of a Railway Union activist Milan Krivokuća. Why is Bajić not doing anything to initiate that investigation, especially considering that a high-ranking government officer, formerly even a State Attorney, is assumed to be behind that murder? Ivin tells me that a friend of Bajić and a famous nongovernment activist informed him that Bajić is not doing anything about this issue because Milan Krivokuća was one of the major drug dealers in Zagreb.

Next time more about how and why Bajić harasses and slanders me (apart from Kuline and Lora I know about his role in obstructing justice in the case of Milan Levar’s murder, in imputing Salih Fazlić to have been Gotovina’s accessory…).

I would like to end this with a mixed paraphrase: Open to blackmail, blackmailer, dangerous himself so he does not need bodyguards. He is Bajić, Mladen Bajić!

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