Mesić, Josipović and Milanović conjointly agreed on non-extradition of Perković to Germany in the pub Baltazar, Zagreb

Stjepan Mesić, Zoran Milanović and dr. Ivo Josipović in the restaurant Baltazar in Zagreb are unanimously making pact on Perković



Josip Perković felt sick on Christmas and he was taken by the emergency to hospital. Because of the excruciating pains (kidney stones involved), as well as significant heart arrhythmia, he was hospitalized. It is evident that these are some chronic problems, but by now the kidney stone problem was not accompanied by the heart problems. He was taken care in hospital for three days and after that was released to home. His family friends say his health is compromised because of the total uncertainty regarding imminent intervention for extradition due to his legal status. Because of the heart problems, he will have to undergo detailed heart examination in hospital.

28.12.2013 Vecernji list – Hrvatska (Croatia) 



So it is written in Večernji list nominally with more elaborative text by Ivanka Toma which in the title of this article. And this happened exactly when Perković was hospitalized for the second day, December 26, 2013. (Večernji does not advise which hospital this is and who are the doctors taking care of him), friends and protectors of the best known and best wanted accused world spy, the former president Stjepan Mesić, current Premier Zoran Milanović and current president Ivo Josipović, gastronomically enjoyed in a very nice atmosphere of the elite Zagreb restaurant “Baltazar”.

As far as my informant has advised, government team has just in “Baltazar” that it would be far non acceptable and slavery to extradite Perković to an arrogant European country of very questionable, dark past in the last century (Germany), the man who was most professionally protecting national security of antifascist creations of SFRJ and Croatia within it. My insider did not spend lots of time in “Baltazar”, but he swears that the leaders have unanimously agreed that all medical, judicial, diplomatic tools should be employed to protect the icon of our national security to stay in the country, with a cleared name for so called verdict for murders of “some terrorists there”, was done in a really friendly atmosphere. The fact that Saša Perković, the son of the accused “ill man” who has been the Advisor on National Security to President Josipović and who courted with Mesić’s daughter Dunja who works for the Ministry of External Affairs. Saša was intermittently telephoning his father, it is supposed. And for a moment, he left the “party”. Now, it is not known whether he had paid a visit to father in hospital if the father was in hospital at all, or he may have paid him a visit in a secret other place where his father resided to give him the message that the Government of Croatia is not going to extradite him.

Saša Perković, Dunja Mesić, Igor Čimbur, Ivo Josipović
President Ivo Josipović is shaking hands with the “Baltazar” owner Igor Čimbur, and in the background happily chatting Saša Perković and Dunja Mesić are noticed.

Former protection service man of Ivo Josipović has also warned me that Saša Perković on the Christmas eve, the day before his father was taken to hospital Vuk Vrhovec, Saša attended the mass in Zagreb cathedral together with his wife Leila, the doctor in whose apartment in Bauer street resides the person accused for capital murder, her father in law, Josip Perković.


Agnostic Ivo Josipović with the wife Tanja, from Knin Krajina, was attending the Christmas mass in Zagreb cathedral. Just behind him was his advisor for religious organizations and supernumerary in Opus Dei Stjepo Bartulica. Besides him sitting Saša Perković, whose father is allegedly is taken to hospital and cytology doctor from Sv. Duh dr. Leila Perković in whose apartment both mother and father in law reside – Josip and Dragica Perković. This is in Antuna Bauera 19, Zagreb.

Baltazar is known as the gathering spot for controversial politicians, diplomats, spies, news men (there was a wedding celebration of the reporter, editor and interview man Zlatko Šimić), businessmen, judges, etc.

A frequent guest in Baltazar (owner Slobodan Bobo Čimbur whose brother was sent to undertake the post of Ambassador to Malaysia by former president Stjepan Mesić), was also Ivo Sanader. The new Premier in 2003 was introduced to my German friend news man Norbert Mappes-Niediek. Charismatic born in Split, has demonstrated only now how he was living in constant fear from returning to impoverishment from the childhood, and on that occasion he promised Norbert that he would bring democracy not only to Croatia but HDZ as well.

Former President Stjepan Mesić, who has given to “Baltazar” owner Slobodan Bobo Čimbur a medal of country appreciation in the end of his mandate in 2010, President Ivo Josipović and restaurant director Igor Čimbur

Former chief of external affairs secret police and later, Secretary of External Affairs of SFRJ, Budimir Lončar could be often seen to have meals in the lobby of Nova Ves restaurant. This place has a very definite espionage taste. Željko Čimbur, already mentioned brother of the “Baltazar” owner was a lecturer in the Centre for International Studies at the Political Science Faculty, University of Zagreb. His mentor was no one but prof. dr. Radovan Vukadinović. His thesis was “Political Juridical aspects of collaboration with European Socialist States. Many of the former Vukadinović’s collaborates and students at the Defense and Protection Department of the Political Science Faculty who were prepared for personnel necessary by JNA, as for example, Milan BandićSiniša Tatalović or Vlatko Cvrtila still remember pensively their promotions, anniversaries, other events in the restaurant of Čimbur. 

Mesić, Čimbur, veleposlanik, Baltazar
After the mandate was completed in Malesia, Stjepan Mesić gave Željko Čimbur an opportunity to be an Ambassador to Indonesia – this was on February 20, 2009.

And fallen Split Mayor and business failure Željko Kerum would at visit to Zagreb take a suite of his flatterers to the tavern of the name from New Testament.

And catholic-penitent tycoon from Osijek, Drago Tadić, thought it was ideal place that Chair of Supreme Court, Branko Hrvatin be bribed on the case of Branimir Glavaš. Who knows whether Branko Hrvatin could sense that he was also monitored by the USKOK and police, he fast went to the police to report the attempt of the bribery. For that reason, Branko Hrvatin has gained numerous benefits, one of them taking a new mandate as the Chair of the Supreme Court. 

Čimbur, Baltazar, Milanović
“Sportivo” dressed in Christmas celebration and promise for Josip Perkovic: young SDP hope, Igor Čimbur, Premier Zoran Milanović and restaurant-building mogul Bobo Čimbur.

It is good to mention about nicely dressed “Baltazar” director who put his and our honorable manly moguls photographs onto the fb restaurant site. Igor Čimbur was often regarded as promising youth of Zagreb. Four years ago when he was 26, on August 03 at 4:00 am he caused fire on Pakleni island Sv. Jerolim by firing a signal rocket 12 meters long from the rubber power boat – the forest was in flames after they had stranded at the beach. He was commanding with the largest rubber power boat valued at about 250,000 Euros. His companions were 7 countrymen and some exotic foreigners, among whom, one son of a certain Sultan from Saudi Arabia. The rescuers found on the boat lots of empty alcohol bottles and other “toys” for young people. It was official report that Igor Čimbur fractured his lower extremity and in panic he fired two rockets. The first he aimed at his own abdomen and the second into the proprietary forest. The fire was localized at 7 am, but the area caught by fire was still flaming in the afternoon ours. 

He is close to Zagreb SDP people in the circle created by Zoran Milanović. On his fb CV he stated that he worked at RTL and Agrokor. Further he states he is consultant and owner of the LC12 – giving advice on operation and strategy in concepts, marketing and promotion. He is a Director of his father’s restaurant “Baltazar”. He is also a member of regulatory apparatus in Miramare center, the firm owned by his father, Vlado Leko (relative of Anđelko Leko from HUP) and certain Drago Erceg. A bit more about this megalomaniac construction firm which is obviously well connected with the people befriending Milan Bandić, or the city officials, my college Ivan Pandžić wrote: 

Čimbur, Baltazar, love
On his fb profile Director of Baltazar restaurant likes to boast with such photos Igor, as my informer maintains further very perky although he has been recently engaged.
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