Peratovic on the Udba arrests

Josip Perkovic has fallen into the trap of the secret meeting with Vinko Sindičić in Zagreb during the trial Krunoslav Prates / photo produced as evidence of the German prosecutor Sindičić girlfriend.
Josip Perkovic has fallen into the trap of the secret meeting with Vinko Sindičić in Zagreb during the trial Krunoslav Prates / photo produced as evidence of the German prosecutor Sindičić girlfriend.

Peratovic on the Udba arrests : “Sindicic was not only a killer. He was the Yugoslav James Bond “ The investigative journalist Zeljko Peratovic has been working for years with the Udba and the tentacles employed who have taken their former Yugoslav officials in the newly created states.

He comments on yesterday’s arrest ofJosip Perkovic and Zdravko Mustac and says Perkovic and his lawyer Ante Nobilopublic sprinkled sand in the eyes. Fridrich Zimermann and Franz Joseph Strauss -Perkovic was arrested at an unknown address yesterday. He says he stayed with a friend and even betrayed the police, where he was to be found.

In critical situations Perkovic grooms always presented as diseased national hero. He has not appeared in court three times in Gospic, until the Judge Ika Saric has threatened him with imprisonment.

Earlier subpoenas German investigators he has not fulfilled due to illness. Meanwhile, he says – or someone, usually Nobilo, speaks in his name – his decisive merit in the establishment and defense of the state. He was afraid of being arrested. When he and the police have realized how great the interest of the media and civil rights activist, he has “stayed” with a friend. The fact is that we do not have pictures of the arrest, only ones that show him to the investigating judge.


– Nobilo says he might bring own investigation, and there is evidence that behind the murder Djurekovic the Yugoslav Udba, ie stand the Federal line and that the Montenegrin Udba have executed him . * nonsense. Arranged has the murder Mika Spiljak , member of the Presidency of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and operational works were Mustac as the then head of the Croatian Udba and Perkovic as head of the then second division. 

Krunoslav Prates has him as his assistant, handed the keys of the workshop , was murdered in the Djurekovic, and supplied information about his movements. Perkovic has the key and the information to Stanko Colak passed, the former Captain of the 2nd Division of the Federal Udba, and she has passed on to the murderer (the Arcane people). Formally, the federal Udba has nothing to do with. Not the Federal Council for the Protection of the Constitution made ​​the decision. But even if it had been, Perkovic was guilty because he has just executed the decision. Killings without trial were also at that time illegal. What Minister Dolanc and Boža Spasić have taken otherwise as agent for propaganda in the case Djurekovic, has nothing to do with the murder itself. Dolanc has later the resignation of Pavle Gazi accepted, the man who has jointly agreed with the then German Interior Minister Zimmermann at the time of the murder on Korcula that the Germans Đurekovic should persuade them to return so that he there against in the Ina affair Vanja Spiljak and Misa Broz informative.

 As Zimmermann learned that Djurekovic had been murdered and the conversation then broke off suddenly, Pavle Gazi has submitted his resignation from the office of the Republic of Chiefs of Police. Stane Dolanc has indeed done nothing that Mika Spiljak goes to jail; but that does not mean that he would have Dolanc, also arranged the murder. 

He now knew was that he in whose nachmaligem office as Chairman of the Presidency would be able to blackmail Mika Spiljak. With such and the like dealing with characters who “after Tito Tito” would have liked to have been, Dolanc has been able to keep almost to the end of Yugoslavia as police chief, and the mentioned Stanko Colak was when he left the post of head of the 2nd Division, his advisor. At Colaks was replaced by the Herzegovinians Ivan Lasic . 

Thus, the federal Udba has the Djurekovic murder only veiled, but not organizes. The fact that the performers Serbs and Montenegrins were then, is unusual, but it plays in the design of what Perkovic and Mustac is accused of no importance. Even the principal of the murder of Ivo Pukanic , knew her the executorBojan Guduric not personal. , Not even the organizer knew him.                                                      

Mika Špiljak visit with Pope Paul VI in 1968. – Does the Udba in this case, by any commissioned Croatian executors, does not violate the rules? * The murder of Djurekovic is unusual because he not is in compliance with the applicable rules until then for the execution of liquidation. Serbs were involved in the killing of Serbs, Croats for the winding up of Croats, Muslims for Muslims. Only Albanians is not worth it, because the rule UDBA could not find an Albanian that would kill other Albanians. 

– What is the relationship Perkovic was to Mustac? He was far lower in the hierarchy, but the public has mainly Perkovic. How was Mustacs position? * Mustac was at the time of the murder Djurekovic-chief of the Croatian Udba, he was later head of the federal Udba. But that he was just Perkovics boss. Perkovic could Mustac this burden that he had given him and Prates commands. 

Yes, Perkovic can Mustac burden. The two do not speak to each other because Mustac did not make it to spare his former spies international persecution.Mustac turn could Perkovic burden that he had done various things without his knowledge. For each action you get from the boss a formal, written permission, but next to it you have to still do something different. For example: If on a business trip to Switzerland and brings the way to someone who deals in drugs, etc.


– Vinko Sindicic is wanted for false testimony before a German court, due to a criminal complaint filed against him who Perkovic and Mustac. To what extent his statement loaded the two yesterday arrested? And changes the thing with Sindicic anything in the German case?

* No, nothing. Played the key role have the testimony of Prates and material evidence submitted by the German investigators. That with Sindicic is only a diversion. They want to exert pressure on Germany, in the sense: you want but so have an honest jurisdiction, and because benefits and possibly their supports such witness! But Sindicic can be dangerous for them, if he gets angry and talks about other murders that have organized it; on some of which he has personally attended. Pavle Gaži – How are Perkovic and Sindicic to each other * Ambivalent.

Sindicic was not an easy killer. He was the Yugoslav James Bond. He speaks five languages. Mental he is stable, physically robust, and one was satisfied in the Udba tip.Therefore, because of its great merits, Perkovic needed him. Perkovic also has sent him, the Croatian emigrants Nikola Stedul to kill. But Perkovic has his promise, in the event that Sindicic blows up, to take care of his property and his hunting, broken. Sindicic was very angry and has therefore reported in 2007 in a German court and testified against Perkovic. Under strange circumstances was also Sindicics partner of the Udba in Rijeka,Branko Bijelic , killed.

So afraid Sindicic that you could settle with him in the same way.In the end, the love between Sindicic and Perkovic is perished on money. Stane Dolanc (R) talks with German Chancellor Willy Brandt t the Federal Republic of Germany in April 1973 in Belgrade, while Chancellor Brandt’s state visit to Belgrade. – At the moment you are in Germany. How do the local media to the killings? * They say behind all stood war profiteers on the Perkovic much knew and who led the current politicians as straw men.

The Germans firing on all cylinders, the situation is such that we must “now or never” make the transfer. They also emphasize that Perkovics son Sasa is advisor to President Josipovic. You now have a strong coalition government. The new Foreign Minister, SPD, Frank-Walter Steinmeier Will, in the mid of the month with Vesna Pusic take on the subject.

Pavle Gaži
Pavle Gaži
April 1973, Belgrade, Serbia --- Original caption: Belgrade: Stane Dolanc (R) chats with chancellor Willy Brandt of German Federal Republic in April 1973 in Belgrade, during chancellor Brandt's state visit to Belgrade. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
April 1973, Belgrade, Serbia — Original caption: Belgrade: Stane Dolanc (R) chats with chancellor Willy Brandt of German Federal Republic in April 1973 in Belgrade, during chancellor Brandt’s state visit to Belgrade. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
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