Perković’s modus operandi: Blackmailing, threats and attacks

Josip Perkovic (seated) and Miro Laco (first from left) in a war Gospic.
Josip Perkovic (seated) and Miro Laco (first from left) in a war Gospic.

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Through several known stories for me I will try to explain kinds of methods of Josip Perković, with which he threats to persons he’s taking for enemies and sends them other messages.

In September 1999 in Zagreb in the street and in the afternoon physically attacked me, now deceased, convicted war criminal Munib Suljić, when on his question about what and who I as a journalist appear in media and did I write about Pakračka poljana, I answered that I appeared in talk show Latinica about death treats from Josip Perković. Although I asked for, lawyer of Croatian journalist association, Orhideja Martinović, also State lawyers’ office following official obligation, did not this attack qualify as the one ordered by Josip Perković. Meanwhile I found out that Josip Perković was involved in murder of Marina Nuić, the Croat who was murdered in 1991 on Pakračka poljana exactly by Munib Suljić, as a spy of Josip Perković. According to my knowledge, Josip Perković was blackmailing Munib Suljić with cognitions about Nuić’s murder, and in favour to Perković, he was making threats and attacks.

At the end of 1999 after death of Franjo Tuđman from Robert Frank from Rijeka who was attacked in Mostar the same year in spring and his fingers had been broken and till today no attackers were found, I got an information that Tomo Sedlo died, former Croatian political emigrant, who in 1992 publicly testimonied about criminal acts of deceased Minister of defense, Gojko Šušak and his war assistant, former chief of UDBA, Josip Perković. Together with lawyer Slobodan Budak who represented me at that time in a process in which I was sued for slander by daughter of deceased President, Nevenka Tuđman, I concluded that the sender of the message was Josip Perković, who threatened to Tomo Sedlo in that way that he would be death if he continued to talk in media against him. I talked about that with Tomo Sedlo and he agreed with my and Budak’s evaluation. After the elections for President on ceremony of proclaiming of Stjepan Mesić appeared also Josip Perković and with a kiss congratulated Mesić on his victory. Tomo Sedlo sold his summer house and continued to live in Frankfurt and he never appeared in media again.

Josip Perković’s son, Saša, who is now in position of President’s counsellor for national security, made progress thanks to his father and President Mesić, first as a assisstant of director of HIS (Croatian Information Service) (OA today [Intelligence agency] joined to POA in SOA). Josip Perković directly helped him as a secret counsellor of president of UNS, Tomislav Karamarko (2000-2001) and at the same time counsellor of director of HIS, Damir Lončarić. The Prime Minister Ivo Sanader replaced Damir Lončarić and Saša Perković in 2004 when he got the notice about their connections with mobbster Hrvoje Petrač. In order to return his influence through his son on security-intelligence services, Josip Perković initiated in Globus through journalist Gordan Malić intelligence affair Presentation of POA about cooperation of journalists with Haag’s investigators and agents of MI6. Malić paid special attention to the fact that in documents of POA about cooperation of journalist Malić with Haag’s investigators Vera and Looms (MI6) there were mentioned names of Josip and Saša Perković. Gordan Malić personaly praised to me that he had in preparation more secret documents with which he would break up the government of Ivo Sanader.

After the Croatian accession to the EU (01. July 2013.) Perković went on holidays. In September he returned rested in Zagreb and went to consult an attorney Nobilo. (photo by Marko Lukunić - PIXSELL)
After the Croatian accession to the EU (01. July 2013.) Perković went on holidays. In September he returned rested in Zagreb and went to consult an attorney Nobilo. (photo by Marko Lukunić – PIXSELL)

In order to hide his responsibility for dealing with secret documents, Josip Perković through Perica Jurič, (1990/1991 deputy of Minister of police and formaly superior officer to Perković) was spreading the story that he had been kidnapped recently by some men under masks and took away from him a part of secret documentation out of hidden archive. I got that information from X. Y. who heard it from Perica Jurič. Mister Y. after conversation with me got the confession from Perica Jurič that Josip Perković tricked him.

Epilogue of the affaire Presentation was urgent appointment of Saša Perković for counsellor of President of Republic. General lawyer’s office did not accept my request for compensation of the damage because my name was on the list of journalists whom POA accused as enemies of Croatia, so I was forced to sue the State and ask for material compensation. No one of the journalists who were accused by POA didn’t sue the state, by which it can be concluded that the main goal of launching the affaire was achieved by appointment of Saša Perković at President Mesić’s.

Last year in autumn President Stjepan Mesić for the second time of raising the indictment in Germany publicly stood in protection of Josip Perković. On the news of indictment he said that our judicature doesn’t deliver Croatian citizens to judicature of other countries and that Perković is a great professional who helped Croatia. Now he said that German indictment against Perković in fact attack on his son Saša, that is on the President himself, Stjepan Mesić. He repeated that Perković is a great professional. After that statement I got a phone call from Germany from mister Josip Majerski who during the 80-ties of last century testimonied in German media that he escaped from SDS (UDBA) and that from Josip Perković and other chiefs of UDBA he had got orders for liquidations. Majerski in 1988 appeared in Scotland as witness of accusation against Vinko Sindičić that he shot Croatian emigrant Nikola Štedul. Majerski was key witness who confirmed that Sindičić by order of Croatian SDS (UDBA) shot Štedul. Now Majerski ask me is it true that Nikola Stedul died as he heared in Germany. About that I informed mister X. Y. who called Štedul. Štedul was surprised and also got scared. Although he lives in Croatia and he is known as public opponent of Josip Perković, besides he and his men (Mirko Norac, Tihomir Orešković, Nikola Krišto, Antonio Lekić, Mihael Budimir, Tvrtko Pasalić, Miro Laco, Ivan Drviš) were closely cooperating with Josip Perković in 1991/1992 (death of Miro Barešić, war crime in Gospić, War port Lora in Split, Derventa in Bosnian Posavina), Nikola Štedul for several years did not appeared in Croatian media.

Similar as in countries of former Communist block: Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia…, also in Croatia certain structures of Communist secret police survived transition and today also have significant power in society. In Croatia it grew stronger through the war because people like Josip Perković, who was the latest chief of Communist secret police in Croatia, got opportunity to through crimes in war hide or mist up participation in crimes during the Communism.


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