The Analysis of the potential impact of British diplomacy in the case Perković

Prime Minister Zoran Milanović recently performed quite confident believing that Josip Perkovićwill not be extradited to Germany. No one can confidently tell why he acted so arrogantly towards the European Commission and Germany in particular. One possible explanation is that he had silent support of British diplomacy. Here, I will analyze the available indications for such an assumption.

Possible connections the British secret services with Josip and Saša Perković

UK has never expressed interest in the prosecution of Josip Perković as organizers attempted murder of Nikola Štedul in Scotland 1988th (see ITN video on the bottom). Atentator on Štedul,Vinko Sindičić, spent in the Scottish prison 10 years for this crime. When Sindičić in German court testifying against Krunoslav Prates of murdering Stjepan Đurekovic (2007), said he was angry because Perković did not keep a promise which formerly gave him when he left on a mission to Scotland. Sindičić said that Perković should keep his property and awards which he received from the former Yugoslav police ministers Franjo Herljević – Gun and clock with dedication. And the victim, Nikola Štedul, in interviews to Croatian media says that he has evidence that Perković organized Sindičić’s task in Scotland and adds that he does not understand why UK has never initiated proceedings against Perković.

Assuming that Perković made a deal with the British intelligence services achieved in relation to the attempted murder of Nikola Štedul, corroborates the statement of Stella Rimington, head of MI 5 at that time. She told Croatian daily newspaper Jutarnji list, 09 October 2013th, that she would never have agreed to extradite former high-ranking agent of the State Security Josip Perković.

Then she mentioned the Croatian political hours of strain followed with Brussels on the implementation of arrest warrants and extradition of former major intelligence Josip Perković and Zdravko Mustač to Germany.

– This is wrong. I would never extradited leaders Intelligence to another state, no matter what the object is from the era of communism. Serious countries and serious governments do not do that, regardless of pressure, threats or sanctions. Even in the case of expulsion from the European Union, although this certainly would not have occurred – attitude is the former director of the powerful secret services.

Jutarnji list, 10. October 2013
Of course, the British Embassy, on his Facebook page distanced themselves in the usual way:

British Embassy Zagreb: Thank you for the comments. As ever, we like to encourage a free and open debate on our Facebook page. But at the same time, we wanted to remind readers that Mrs Rimington is the FORMER head of MI5. Her recent comments on the EAW and Croatia are therefore those of a private individual and do not represent an official UK position.

10. October 2013. at 15:17

Saša and Josip Perković collaborated with British intelligence, over current minister of police Ranko Ostojić, in the hunt for fugitive general Ante Gotovina. In weekly Globus  at 2005. was published text by Gordan Malić, in which case Đurekovic-Prates-Perković presented as conflict of German secret service with British.
Malić’s thesis was that German intelligence service put Perković under pressure, because it was known that Perković cooperated with British intelligence service in hunt on Gotovina. Gordan Malić promote Josip and Saša Perkovic as hunters on Gotovina, publishing parts of presentation of the state leadership, then head of the intelligence agency (POA) Franjo Turek, concluding that two of them were also on Turek’s list of persons considered as cooperators of British intelligence service.

Ranko Ostojić MI6
Gordan Malić published in Globus secret document of Counterintelligence Agency (POA) that arethe agents of MI6 – Christopher Looms and J. Gareth Longley, cooperated with Josip Perković, today Police Minister Ranko Ostojić, today’s premier adviser Zinka Bardić and two senior police officers: Mario Bertina and Željko Dolački.


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Indicative statements and conduct of Croatian executive

After have failed negotiations Perkovićevog attorney Anto Nobilo and German prosecutors in April 2013, in mid-May, Croatian President Ivo Josipović without media notice was received by the British Queen. A week later, the British foreign minister, also unannounced visits Croatian Prime Minister Milanović in Zagreb. German parliament ratified the Croatian membership in the EU. At the same time the Justice Department secretly started creating Lex Perkovic. Parliament adopted a law which disables extradition Perković and Mustač to Germany three days before Croatia became a member of the EU.

German chancellor Angela Merkel did not show up at the solemn party for Croatia’s EU accession, although her participation had been confirmed. A journalist of Croatian tv reporting on the celebration said that as Merkel had not come, the highest foreign politician present was British Vice PM Nick Clegg, “which might mean a new direction of Croatian foreign policy”. After that, Clegg issued a welcome statement for Croatia’s accession to the EU. 

European Parliament President Martin Schulz at the celebration of Croatian accession to the EU in Zagreb to a reporter’s question as interpreted by Lex Perkovic, said that the United Kingdom has a different view on the European arrest warrant from other member states.

When news broke that Croatia might face sanctions because of Lex Perkovic (LP), PM Milanovic declared there would be no such things and that „we won’t lose neither a pound nor a penny“. When people in Croatia talk about money, they never mention a pound or penny, but mostly Kuna, Euro, or Dollars.

During the EU Commissio-Croatia crisis Media close to Milanović kept repeating the rumour that Milanović was personally lobbying among European statesmen in order to gather support for his opinion on LP. 

Milanovic himself said several times he had no intention to communicate with the European bureaucracy, but only with European statesmen.

Media close to him, writing on the matter, published a pic showing him with Cameron. Milanović and his media often belittled Reding as a European bureaucrat who unfairly attacked Croatia because she wanted to become President of the Commission.

After the agreement Reding-Miljenić in Brussels, Milanovic appeared on tv in a triumphant mood. He denied that he had surrendered. He said it was his victory and that he had agreed on everything with Barroso. He said he wondered how commissioner Reding would react when she got the reactions form all EU countries on the proposal to impose sanctions against Croatia, that he wondered how UK would react as it was well known that Reding 6 mths ago had offended David Cameron.

PM Milanović did not publicly congratulate Merkel for her election victory. Strategists who conceived Milanović’s plan how to trick out EU and Germany by changing the law, counted on german parliamentary summer holidays. Apart from the head of the foreign committee in Bundestag no German politician has commented on the matter; it was solely the issue of commissioner Reding. There was much reporting on her in this context in German and Croatian media, also in public tv, and she has been very critical towards the Croatian government.

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