Will the Supreme Court of Croatia ban the extradition of Josip Perković?

The leaders of executive and judicial government Josipović and Hrvatin would protect the secret agent

The leaders of executive and judicial government Josipović and Hrvatin would protect the secret agent

Published on Croatian 22.12.2013 01:26

Related to the last development in case of Lex and Causa Perkovic (failing by HDSSB from last week votes on statutory changes), there is a real concern and embezzlement in the diplomatic circles of EU. Even though it looks that postponed statutory changes will enable express extradition of Josip Perković, the situation does not seem rosy at all. Namely, a Vukovar man charged for deception was extradited to Slovenia in spite of limitations of legal proceedings.

Milanovic Merkel2Prime Minister Milanović’s plan is to double cross German Chancellor Merkel as if he wereJoseph Broz Tito and she Konrad Adenauer. 

Circles close to the European Commissioner of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Vivian Reding speculate that regardless of the Municipal Court’s decision, Perković’s case will be brought before the Supreme Court of Croatia. And then, it is expected, Branko Hrvatin known for corruption scandal in bribery attempt of the court in case of the war criminal Branimir Glavaš, would transfer the case to the Court Counsel which may ban Perković’s extradition because of the limit action of legal proceedings. As in the case of a Vukovar man, extradition to Slovenia represents a precedent, it has no legal effect (impact) on other decisions by the same court because of a no well-defined court practices in Croatia. And when the other assembly decide not to extradite Periodic, the case could be moved to the Supreme Court plenary session where Hrvatin has majority and by this action of Germany and the EU would again be played out with. In the meantime, HDSSB will agree with the Statutory changes and Perković will be tried in Croatia. Knowing our legislation, there is a strong possibility Perković will be freed with the fact that he could not be extradited to Germany because no one could be tried twice for the same crime.

Miljenic RedingOrsat Miljenić is the main operation person in Josipovic’s government in charge of pressing the lower courts and State Attorney General, Mladen Bajić.

That is why in the office of Vivien Reding there is ready a package of measures they threatened with back in August-September. These measures would involve non admission to Schengen, withholding some EU funds, monitoring administration of justice in Croatia which could not be compared with those in case of Bulgaria and Romania since they complied with them at the time of accession. However, this will have influence on the EU employment in Croatian jurisdiction and State Attorney’s office. EU bureaucracy is momentarily inclined to trust Minister of External Affairs, Vesna Pusić, State Attorney General, Malden Bajić and Supreme Court caucus: Lidia Gruber Radanović, as the caucus chair and dr. Sc. Zdenko Konjić and dr. Sc. Marin Mrčela

Perkovic GlavasBranimir Glavaš was the main defender of Josip Perkovic even in 2005 at the moment of indictment of Josip Perkovic for murder of Stjepan Djureković

Diplomatic circles in Zagreb have already sent their countries «depeche» where it is described team work between president Josipović and HDSSB (in spite of the fact that Branimir Glavaš is bringing decisions regarding HDSSB from the Mostar prison). It is known that HDSSB was favouring faster decisions on constitutional changes by which would be enabled trying of Perkovic in Croatia. By this, it would be prevented extradition of Periodic to Germany. This was in effect at the time when there was still a ray of hope that the State Attorney General would prepare case on the Periodic at the moment constitutional changes take effect. When it was obvious, especially after Josipovic’s pressing on Bajić that State Attorney General has no intention to abate, or take a route of anti European adventure. Branimir Glavaš who owed Perković favour for a long time, as a secret police collaborator, and Ivo Josipovic was brought into power by clan Perković and close friends and advocate of Branko Hrvatin, the Supreme Court Chair, undertook the mining operation in the last week’s adoption of statutory changes which would enable on 01.01. 2014. Perković be without precedent decision by the Supreme Court extradited to Germany. Because of the fact that limitation of legal proceedings in case of Stjepan Durekovic’s murder is annulled, and Mladen Bajić did not bring any bill of indictment (charges), Perković could be extradited in a few days.

Bajic Hamlet
After crippling the Supreme Court, which is now in process, President Ivo Josipović, Minister of Justice, Orsat Miljenić Prime Minister Zoran Milanović will by January 15, 2014 try to break Mladen Bajić. From the circles close to Bajic, it is obvious that he has already been discretely communicating with the EU and USA diplomacy. He would not tolerate unlawfulness by domestic executive power, being ready to face destiny of the former Romanian Minister of Justice Monica Macovei. He is ready to be put down from his post in February to exit politics as an honourable professional and this may give him an opportunity to proceed with the carrier in the European legislative bodies.

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