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One well-known activist once said that her activism is the rent she pays for living on planet Earth. This responsibility of her word was recognized by the Center for Civil Courage activists.

We think it would be hypocritical in case our attitudes remain only empty words on paper. We feel the need to live by them. Inspired by empathy and solidarity for the needs and rights of the oppressed – in the name of those who haven’t the power – we decided to be brave, loud, visible, disobedient, disloyal and destructive to all forms of violence and discrimination.

From its beginning the Center for Civil Courage promotes civil courage, feminist solidarity, the awareness of the merit of secular and evolutionary humanism and freethinking. The Center encourages human rights, especially the rights of women and LGBTIQ persons and gender equality. The Center promotes also the cultural responsibility in confrontation with the past.

This portal as our new communication channel will offer news, interesting contents, stories, analyses and comments from our point of view.

This will be an encouraging place to express our irreligious, humanist, feminist and human rights standings with the aim of empowering and encouraging identity of all citizens who recognize our values as theirs.

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